Disney Shirts

I did these Disney shirts for a family taking a fun trip soon. So jealous! The customer really wanted short-sleeved baseball tees for her boys and that kind of shirt immediately disappeared from the face of the earth. We both searched for months to no avail, so she finally ordered them from different vendors online and sent them to me. I was a nervous wreck stitching them out because usually when I don't have back-up shirts things go very wrong. Luckily, they came out unscathed and made the return trip to their owners. Have an amazing trip to DW!

Just a reminder: I'm not currently taking orders so I can prepare for the holiday show next week. I will return for Christmas orders at some point depending on the numbers of orders I take at the show. I've already had to decline some customers and I hate to inconvenience anyone, but it's really for my sanity and my family's well-being. Thanks!!

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