Monogrammed Infinity Scarves

One of the events we celebrated recently was Ava's 13th birthday. I'm still wondering exactly how that's possible, but it seems we now actually have a teenager living at our house. She opted to have a paint-your-own-pottery party at a local store, and since I was off the hook for cleaning my house and planning a big affair, I gladly agreed. My only job was to provide the party favors and we chose some striped knit infinity scarves for her friends. Everyone loves a fun scarf, so I added a classic 3-initial monogram, put them in brown gable boxes tied with curly ribbon, and I was done with my party responsibility! The girls were thrilled with their personalized scarves, and after a brief tutorial in wearing it so that the monogram showed correctly, they all had theirs on.

Ava didn't get a "favor box" at the party so she doesn't have her infinity scarf on for the photo but she has one too. They all immediately conspired to wear them to school the following day. As a cool-mom-wannabe, this made me very happy. Also, Ava has managed to find some of the sweetest, funniest, most delightful girls as her friends, and I'm especially pleased about that since 7th grade can be fraught with girl drama. None of that with these mature young ladies.


Renae said...

OMG!! Love these, how much are they?

Jere said...

Renae, they're $15.

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