Monogrammed Towels

We just got back from 4 days on a houseboat in Oklahoma, so I'm getting back in touch with reality today. I need to post several photos from my camera before I start back up sewing again and posting new products. These are all towels I have done recently. I made this first set for a high school graduation gift, and I think they look kind of Lilly Pulitzer-esque.
We recently repainted and decorated Ava's room (goodbye Pepto pink!) and we actually both like the new color, Asparagus, a lot. It took more diplomacy than the United Nations has ever exercised in order to agree on it, but we finally succeeded. I embroidered some new towels to go in her bathroom.

And then we realized that Tatum has never had a hand towel bar on the wall next to her sink. She's done just fine without one, but Tye had one up in no time. That, of course, called for a new hand towel with her initials too.
I'm so sore from the 6 minutes of water-skiing I did that I don't know if I can brush my teeth, but I have a long to-do list to get started on today. I hope to get a post done summarizing some of our activities from the last couple of months and some changes that may be happening with The Chocolate Zebra. Stay tuned!

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