The Fairy Garden

I've been wanting to create a fairy garden for my girls for a couple of years now after seeing some cute ones on blogs that I frequent. With my older girls teetering on the edge of puberty I find myself wanting to incorporate more childish activities into our routine to stave off the inevitable "tweens". It's working so far. I chose this little corner of our flower bed that is sheltered from the blistering sun by our crape myrtle. The girls and I started to hunt for fairy-related accessories and found some whimsical items at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and just around our house. The Radio Flyer wagon was a steal at a local antique store. I drilled holes in the bottom to drain water, and filled it with potting soil. We chose plants that look like they might grow in an enchanted forest, used pebbles for a cobblestone pathway and irridescent blue glass beads for a pond. We also hung lanterns from branches of the crape myrtle and put battery-operated tea lights in them. The girls each chose a fairy character and we placed them in their new habitat. It's been hilarious to watch the girls play. I stand inside at the window, hidden by the blinds, and laugh at their fairy plots, filled with mortal danger from the giant ants and crises like running out of fairy dust. I love it!
 The patriarch of the fairy clan, a gnome.
 A colorful ladybug clings to the edge of the wagon.
 My favorite piece is the little metal umbrella.

 Tatum's fairy taking a ride on the cardinal.
 The mushroom can serve as a stool when needed, but not for long. It isn't very tush-friendly.
 An aerial view.
 Ava's fairy frequently takes reconnaisance flights on the giant butterfly.

Someday when the girls are driving themselves to the mall and embarrassed to be seen in public with me, I'll console myself with these sweet memories.

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