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Earlier this summer, my in-laws generously offered to take Tatum to Disney World. They were taking my niece, Callie, for her first time and since Tatum's only other Disney trip was when she was 18 months old, they thought she needed a refresher. I was concerned that Ava and Gentry would be jealous about not going, but they were surprisingly supportive and excited for Tatum to get to go (and we did plan some fun activities for them while she was gone). I put together some little Disney tubs filled with items for the little girls to enjoy during their plane ride (i.e. gum, activity books, Disney coloring pages, etc.) and some to use at the parks, like a personalized water bottle, visor and Minnie shirt.
 They each received their own personalized journal to record their memories in.

Tatum promised to journal her every activity so she wouldn't forget to share all the fun details with us when she returned. Here's the one and only entry she made: "We are driving to Papa's house to meet Callie before we get on the airplane to Disney World."
 Rapunzel is admiring that personalized water bottle.
Tatum had no idea this little trip was being planned until the week before they were to leave. We had fun surprising her with the news. The older girls helped me set up the tubs on the kitchen island and then we called her in. She guessed immediately what they meant. Kids have no trouble identifying the Disney font!
And here's a photo I "borrowed" from my sister-in-law's Facebook page during their trip. Two hot and tired little cousins making very special memories at Disney.

We weren't the only ones planning a fun Disney vacation this summer. A friend of mine ordered these shirts to surprise her kids with the news of their trip later this year.

Pirate Mickey

I'll be back soon with more photos and an update!

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Tricia said...

I will need a couple of these Disney shirts for our trip in February. One for my 10 year old son and one for my 12 year old daughter:)

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