Mother's Day 2013

I started this post on Monday and am just now sitting down to finish it out. It's been that kind of week. Mother's Day was spent enjoying all of my favorite things -- family, food and handmade crafts. Tye's grandmother was in town and she came to Gentry's guitar recital on Saturday. I caught this precious photo of her and Tatum holding hands crossing the street afterwards. She is our girls' only great-grandparent and she is truly a treasure in our family.
On Sunday morning I woke to a kitchen table full of homemade cards and crafts - my very favorite kinds of gifts! Ava, Gentry and Tatum spent hours the day before crafting, cutting and coloring because they know I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. Here's a sampling of some of their handiwork:
Tatum created a "timeline book" for me using the pictures on my sewing room bulletin board (she was almost thwarted by our lack of family photographs since they're all stored on the computer now). The first page says, "It all started when mom got married."
 "It was a perfect match!"
 "They had 3 kids...Ava, Gentry and me!"
 "We were all one big happy family!"
 "And did I menchane we had a dog? The End" **See how she even sewed the binding? I was very impressed!
 This is the back of Ava's colorful masterpiece:
Gentry and Tatum both stitched sentiments on cardstock using the sewing machine. Earlier last week I printed off a sewing template I found on Pinterest. The girls loved stitching on it and decided to make a custom card using the sewing machine.Tatum made a dot-to-dot that spelled "LOVE" and Gentry stitched out "MOM", completely on their own.

Gentry punched out cardstock hearts and sewed this garland for the chandelier.
I was also spoiled with a magazine, several gift cards and the anticipation of a very fun and relaxing spa day in my near future. I am blessed beyond measure with the moms and mother-figures who have influenced my life, and the 3 little girls who call me "mom" are my very heart's desire.

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