Monogrammed Beach Hats

I'm seeing these monogrammed floppy hats all over Pinterest and some of the applique Facebook groups I'm in. I decided to let the women in my family be my first guinea pigs and I tried stitching some out last week. I was afraid my machine would chew up the straw and it would end badly, but they actually stitched pretty easily. My sister lives in California and she and her family go to the beach often (I'm not jealous at all) and my mom and aunt like to spend time outside in the garden, so I'm hoping these fun hats will provide shade for some of my favorite girls this summer!


The Mitchell Family said...

Are you selling the hats?

If so, how much are they?

Jere said...

Yes, I am offering them for sale. They are $25 with monogramming. Thanks!

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