Sister Set

My internet connection and email has been sketchy this week and it's driving me insane! Between that and my dryer biting the dust this weekend, prompting the unexpected purchase of a brand new washer and dryer set, I'm done with things not working in my house. Why does everything seem to fall apart at the same time?

A sweet friend of mine is expecting a second little girl in a few weeks. Maci is SO excited to be a big sister to baby Molly. I made them this coordinating sister set, the first of many they will wear, I'm sure! The baby leggings are genius. If they had been around when my girls were babies, they would have worn them constantly to make diaper changes a snap and protect their little knees from carpet burn. (I didn't make the leggings - I found them at Hobby Lobby.)

I tried monogramming a swimsuit for the first time and I didn't ruin it! I think the monogram adds a nice little pop to an already-adorable 2-piece.

Hurry up, Miss Molly! Your big sister can't wait to meet you.

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