Name Pillows

One of my regular customers sent me this photo of her precious baby boy with the name pillow she ordered for him. His nursery is very stylish and hip with lots of animal prints, brown and orange. Hudson is boy #3 for her, so she's got this boy thing down. I asked her permission before I posted his picture, so we can all ooh and aah to our hearts' content. I want to squeeze those sweet cheeks!
 And here are some more pillows I've finished recently.


Candace said...

Hi, I was having trouble on the ordering page, so I thought I'd just leave a comment here. Hope that's ok. I'm interested in ordering a pillow for each of my daughters. I noticed you won't be accepting orders for too much longer. Have I made it in time? Let me know and I'll send the info you'll need. Thanks so much! You're work is adorable!


Candace said...

I realized, I might need to leave my


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