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I've been busy making lots of shirts -- birthday shirts, school spirit shirts, personalized shirts. This first one was for a teacher we have been blessed to have 2 years in a row, but not this year. We miss her! She's already put dibs on getting Tatum in 3 years. We love you, Mrs B!
Audrey's mom requested a special Elmo birthday shirt for her big day and ordered one for big sister Stella too. Audrey calls her big sis "Sissy" so we added that to her shirt as well.
Ella's mom had ordered a whimsical bird shirt for her little girl several months ago, but her washing machine ate it. She ordered a replacement shirt...
 an applique name shirt for Ella...
 and a shirt for big brother Mike too.
These 2 lucky brothers share a birthday month, so their smart mom planned a joint party utilizing a construction theme with dump trucks, diggers, etc. She requested yellow shirts and bright, bold colors with their initials on the front (all their kids have the same initials, by the way!)...
 and their birthdates on the back.
 She even ordered a custom shirt for herself.
She requested this word across the back to show her appreciation for the blessings in her life.
I have a sickie at home with me today so my priorities got rearranged, but I hope to get some sewing done while she's in a vegetative state in front of the TV. I've been to the post office to ship packages every day this week and the kind clerk has taken to calling me "The Zebra Lady". He's very helpful in finding me the best shipping rate so I won't hold it against him. I'm pushing to get through my orders list next week and then close shop to catch up and prepare for the craziness of summer. Have a great weekend!

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