For Sale: Orange Damask Peasant Dress

I bought this adorable peasant dress for Tatum online a few weeks ago. I love it, and it's very well-made, but unfortunately, it's too small for my chunky monkey. It's a size 6X, and the elastic in the arms is just a little too snug to be comfortable for her. When it arrived in the mail, in my haste to cut it open, I accidentally cut a small "V" in the fabric of the skirt (I know - such a rookie error!). I treated the cut with Fray Check and ironed stabilizer to the back side so it won't deteriorate, and you can't even tell where it is. I paid $40 brand new and am asking $25 plus shipping. This is such a cute print, the dress has a great twirl factor, and it's never been worn. Doesn't it need to come live at your house? Leave me a comment or email me if you're interested. 
 Small cut in fabric in lower front panel.
 Cut on underside of dress

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emily said...

Girl, I'd get it if we weren't still in 3-6 months!!

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