Some Final Christmas Items

It's too late to order for Christmas but I want to post these products to record them for next year. Isn't this reindeer initial shirt the cutest? Love her pink minky nose!
 These dish towels were a hit for family gift exchanges and teacher gifts. Who would be interested in dish towels year round? Let me know what you think.

For teacher gifts this year, I went with monogrammed throws. I found the softest, plushest throws for a steal at a discount store and bought them out. My girls gave some to their friends and then had to have some for themselves too, of course. They've slept with them, brought them along for our traditional looking at Christmas lights, and snuggled in them for movie-watching. It is definitely the Year of the Throw around here.

We're finally at the point where I breathe a sigh of relief that the madness is over and I can sit back and enjoy the festivities. There are a few more gifts that need wrapping and I still need to find something for my Dad, but he's easy to please so I'm not stressing about it. Christmas cards have been sent, but not without much gnashing of teeth over it. Seriously, I thought someone was playing a joke on me with how many things went wrong with them. In the end, nothing matters but Jesus Christ, the fact that He lived, died and was raised again, and the hope that we have because of Him. That truly means more to me this year than usual, and it's helping me to keep things in perpective.

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