Making Christmas Memories

Since many of the items I need to post are for Christmas presents, I won't post them until after the 25th. Instead, you get to see more of our Christmas merriment. We've heard every Christmas song at least a dozen times (playing our annual radio roulette game in the car), driven around to see Christmas lights (a family favorite), enjoyed our traditional 12 Days of Christmas stocking gifts from Dad (I got especially spoiled this year!) and had our favorite homemade meal of the entire year, Cioppino, at Tye's parents' house. We made lots of Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks to deliver to friends and community helpers. They were very easy and kid-friendly -- a candy cane, a marshmallow, some melted chocolate and sprinkles. Yummy too!

I had 3 school Christmas parties to attend this year, but they were all at different times, so no running back and forth between siblings' classrooms! I can't get enough of these sweet kindergarteners. It's been a magical year with lots of new friends and the most fabulous teacher you could hope for. It makes me sad that we're already halfway done.

The 4th graders played some challenging games, like a relay race carrying a cotton ball with a straw. Made my lips hurt!
The 5th graders went all out with Minute to Win It type games, and more junk food than I've ever seen on public school property. They were in heaven!
We surprised the girls with tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet, and they all were ecstatic. We took them a couple of times when they were younger, but this was the first year they really got into the story and the music was familiar to them. Gentry, especially, sat on the edge of her seat from beginning to end. Tatum had only seen the Barbie Nutcracker movie and told us, "It's just like the Barbie movie!" Poor, uncultured child.

Ava posing with our nutcracker.
 Gentry, doing her best Clara impersonation.
 Tatum, having no idea why she's holding this wooden man but doing it because both of her sisters did.
Our seats were on the last row of the theater. THE last row. I mean, the wall was the only thing behind us. We told the girls, "It's so much better seeing the whole stage this way than having to crane your neck up when you sit close." Ha!
 Everyone got a Clara ornament (but not all the same!) to put on the tree when we got home.

 Ava had to make sure her Clara and the nutcracker ornament got to hang out together.
My heart is also with those families struggling at this time of year, trying to make it a special time for their kids, but just not feeling it because of the recent loss of a loved one or a serious health crisis. It has to be so hard, seeing the world celebrating all around you and feeling like no one sees the pain you wake up with and carry around every day. May you know the peace of Christ more in the next few days than ever before, and feel the joy that this season brings. God bless you all!

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emily said...

Oh, J!! Your daughters are so beautiful! I'm thrilled that you can treat them to such fun times-- memories they'll never forget!! I've been thinking of you a lot today for some reason!! Remember Ms. Grimes singing "me, I want a hula hoop" for us again & again?? Remember the Christmas nerd?!?! Do you have him? Blessings on you 5-- maybe I'll get to see you in 2012!! Merry Christmas <3

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