North Pole Breakfast

A couple of Saturday mornings ago I planned a special North Pole Breakfast for the girls to show my appreciation for their picking up the slack while I finished up orders, prepared teachers gifts and just endured general Christmas hectic-ness. They were very helpful and (a little) more magnanimous with each other than usual. The North Pole Breakfast consisted of lots and lots of sugar, of course - powdered donuts, candy canes, pink snowballs, Oreos with red filling, Rudolph pancakes and milk in real glass bottles. I also presented them with their traditional matching Christmas pajamas and a unique ornament for each of them that represented them in a special way. I made a sign at the top of the stairs that read, "A surprise awaits downstairs. Don't come down until I call for you." Gentry woke up and saw it, went back to sleep, and then thought it was a dream when she woke again later, so I had to go get all 3 of them when I was ready.

Their sleepy faces and surprised reactions were priceless.

Tatum went for the goods immediately.
Gentry's first question when she saw the table was, "Do you want us to put the pajamas on now so we'll be matching in all the pictures?" Why, of course, my sweet brain-washed child!
Ava has a thing for owls. Can you tell?

Tatum's Rudolph pancake.
"Magic" milk that turns candy cane pink.

Ava got creative and made a Santa pancake.
Tatum didn't want to hang her puppy ornament on the tree. He needed to be played with first.

Giving her dog a train ride around the Christmas tree.
My precious matching girlies.
This made me a little teary-eyed. I'm so thankful for my 3 Christmas blessings!


cWa said...

HOW FUN! What a sweet note!

Mary Kay said...

This brought tears to my eyes as well! What precious memories you are making for these three sweet little girls! Good job and adorable table! What a fun idea!!

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