Technical Difficulties

I was all set to come back strong after my break, but my computer has decided to take an extended vacation. It crashed last week, and after a brief tune-up (or whatever they do to your hard drive when this happens) it was back up and running - for exactly 24 hours, when it seemed to contract some sort of virus. I can post from the laptop, but don't have access to my photo folder or memory card on my camera. Ugh! I'm sorry for the delay. I am taking orders, so feel free to email me, but I can't post new items until my computer is fixed (again!).

We're gearing up for school around here, and I'm actually ready for a routine again. It's going to be painful to break the sleeping-in-until-9 a.m. habit, but we always seem to manage it without a tardy the first week of school. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and hopefully I'll be back soon to show you some fun new items I've been working on!

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Dora said...

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