I had no idea these pillows would be such a hit when I made my first one as a birthday gift for a friend of Ava's. They have been popular for baby shower gifts because they are so personal, practical (they can't be outgrown!) and unique. Just this week I had 2 customers send me pictures of their pillows with the teeny tiny babies they were made for. I didn't ask permission to share them or I would post them for you to see how completely adorable they are. I have many more pillow orders in the line-up so I'll post them as they are completed.

We are finally home to stay after a last-minute trip to see some dear friends, so I'll be posting new items more regularly. This is our last weekend before the madness of school starts so we're doing haircuts, meet-the-teacher gifts and general back-t0-school preparation hysteria. Have a great weekend!

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