Monogram Pillow

I made this pillow as a wedding gift for my brother and his wife for 2 reasons. First, as a way to celebrate their unity as a married couple. I think every bride enjoys seeing her new monogram displayed in her home. And second, to annoy my big brother every day when he sees it. Apparently, he believes the guy's initial should be first in the traditional monogram format, followed by the girl's. I don't think he's trying to be chauvinistic, he just thinks that's the right way, and it bugs him to see it otherwise. So hopefully he'll think of me fondly each time he sees this pillow, and remember to put his wife first. Love you, Jon! Oh, and just so you know, they each had one honor attendant in the wedding, a junior bridesmaid and EIGHT flower girls because he wanted all of his little nieces included. You've never seen so many petals strewn down the aisle. So see, he really is a nice guy.

I tried a new technique with this one. I used a pillow insert, and made an opening in the pillowcase back so it can be removed for washing. It costs me a little more to make it this way, but if you'd prefer your pillowcase with removable insert, let me know.

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