Name Pillows

Here are some recently-shipped pillows. I love the calm combination of ocean blue and green for Aiden. I'm getting lots of requests for ocean blue color palettes for baby boy pillows. I think I'll need to stock up on these fabrics.

 This crisp navy and lime green one matches this bedding from Target.
 This baby girl's name will be Dorothy, but will be called Dot. Cutest nickname ever.

So I haven't even officially opened back up for orders and I'm already backed up. If you emailed me over the summer and I put you on hold, please send me a reminder email so I don't forget you. I'm going to catch up on those orders before I complete new ones. Please feel free to email me with any new orders, but it may take me a little longer to get them completed. Thanks so much for your understanding. I have some new products I've been working on this summer, and I'm excited to debut them soon!

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Carly Rodriguez said...

Aiden LOVES his pillow and so do I...thank you for helping put the finishing touch on his nursery!

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