Chevron Personalized Shirts

I've seen this chevron pattern everywhere lately, and love the punch it gives a plain white t-shirt. I'm thinking of doing one for Tatum for the first day of school, but she hasn't given me the okay for a "homemade" shirt yet. Her sisters have already picked out their first day outfits and they are all store-bought, of course. The big 1st-grader has to be cool too. These are for my sweet nieces, one of whom is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks, and the other who just celebrated her big 4th birthday.

I've been buried under a pile of white chenille from the large fabric shipment I received a few days ago, and white fluff is all over the place. Name pillows are churning out daily, and I'm almost caught up with summer orders. I made my first post office run since June, and the friendly clerk seemed genuinely happy to see "The Zebra Lady" again. I'm back in full swing, with my sewing hours being mostly between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. until my girls go back to school in a week. *Take a deep breath* I'm diving back in.


Anonymous said...

oh these are too cute!!!

Tami Freeman said...

I can't wait for the first day of school! Both girls are excited to wear their shirts!

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