A Pineapple PSA

After downloading the pictures from my camera recently I came across a series of photos I had forgotten about. I had just bought a pineapple corer and been pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness and ease of use so I felt I needed to document it. Usually I'm a skeptic about kitchen gadgets that only serve a single purpose but I decided to splurge this time. I've never owned or used one before, but my family loves pineapple and I feel better providing fresh fruit for them as opposed to canned. It's great! We've enjoyed pineapple for dinner several times a week since, and my older girls can even core it themselves. The only downside is that the pineapple slices rarely make it to the dinner table before disappearing. If you've been using one for years, I apologize that we're a little late to the party. Allow Ava to demonstrate:
 At this point I was fairly sure I would be documenting the amputation of my oldest child's left thumb.
 Whew! All digits intact.
 Add a little elbow grease, twist a few times...
 and remove the insides.

This is her favorite step in the process:
 If you haven't tried a pineapple corer, go get one. It actually works!

Today is going to be hectic. I need to pick up a few Easter items for my girls and then sew like the wind for the rest of the afternoon. I didn't get as much accomplished over the weekend as I would have liked because the weather was amazing and my 6-year-old needed me to fly a kite with her, so I'll try to make up for lost time today. Happy April!

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