Baby Sets and Technology

I never get tired of doing these fun sets. I still love the classic pink and green, and how great is the name Isla?
Today is another catch-up day, since I haven't accomplished as much in the previous few days as I had hoped. With the end of the school year approaching, Ava and Gentry have lots of projects to finalize and turn in, so I'm the gopher and fact-checker. Yesterday I spent longer than I planned to visiting several different craft stores looking for a cornucopia. Do you know how hard it is to find a cornucopia in the middle of April? Impossible, actually, since I never did. I guess we'll have to go with Plan B on that one.
It amazes me in this technological age that 4th and 5th grade students don't really "turn in" papers. They take their flash drive to school with them or upload their presentation to a website. It's nerve-wracking to not actually see a hard copy in their teacher's hand, but that's how it's done now. Just this morning, Ava and her carpool buddy were sympathizing with a friend whose entire semester GT project had been accidentally deleted from the community website yesterday by someone else. She still has her notes, but hours and hours of work vanished irretrievably in seconds. I can't imagine how disappointed and outraged that poor girl (and her mom) feels. Back up your work, kids!
Now I'm going to fix a second cup of coffee, lock myself in my sewing room, crank up the Pandora and get to work.

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