I think one of the most precious blessings a girl can have is a sister. I know this because I have one of the greatest big sisters ever, and my own girls think their sisters are pretty special (ahem...most of the time. Let's be real here). Tea parties, dressing up and shoe shopping just aren't the same with a brother. (Of course, brothers are priceless too - I have one of those as well). A sweet little girl named Kate just became a big sister last week to baby Ellen and I had strict instructions not to post a word about Ellen's name until she arrived. I was scared to death that I would "accidentally" announce it somehow and ruin the surprise, but I got confirmation this weekend that baby Ellen is here and her name is now public. Her mom sent me photos of both girls' bedrooms so I could create some fun custom pillows for them, and each room is a whimsical display of textures, patterns and vibrant colors. I tried to reflect that in their pillows and their sister shirts. Welcome to sisterhood, Kate and Ellen! You'll be best friends for life.


Jen said...

Awwww, I don't know Amy in "real life", but I have been blog/FB buddies with her for a while. SO excited for her and for Kate to have a little sister!! :) Love that name Ellen, too!!

Anonymous said...

awwww...this almost made me cry!! So super sweet!! WE just love our new shirts and pillows! Kate is the BEST big sis!! Ellen is so loved!! PS...EVERYONE is loving the pillows! I'm so happy! THANK YOU!

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