Name Pillows and a Diagnosis

My plans for a productive day just took an immediate left turn when our trip to the pediatrician this morning "just in case" resulted in a strep diagnosis for Gentry. She looked perfectly fine to me and I told her to get ready for school because she would probably be headed to class after the appointment. No such luck. Why is it that when I have strep I feel like death warmed over, but she can bounce around with a slight fever and a "little" sore throat? She came back home, selected her DVDs for a movie watching marathon, and declared, "Let my weekend begin!". I guess if you have to be sick, this is the way to do it.

Now that she's comfortably situated in the media room upstairs, I'm sewing up a storm. Here are a few pillows I've completed recently. I'm loving the gray and white chevron.

Karsen's mom requested Ravie font for her pillows, and I like the chunky, whimsical-ness of them. Feel free to ask for a different font other than my standard Times New Roman. (FYI, I'm still closed but you can place your order for after Spring Break).

Now I'm going to check on the poor sickly patient, bless her heart.

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