A Halloween Wrap-up

Here's one more shirt I don't think I posted yet. It's a remake of last year's candy corn shirt so we could get another year's wear out of the striped tights.  

And the obligatory pumpkin patch photo with my 3 little pumpkins. It was a last-minute decision to go and we grabbed whatever pumpkin-related shirts were in their closets, so they've seen better days.
This year for trick-or-treating we had a queen (not a princess, thank you very much), a 20's flapper and a clown. I didn't make any of these costumes but 2 of the 3 were sewn by my mom and/or her sister, who are both amazing seamstresses. My contribution was the accessories and applying the clown's makeup. Thank you, Mom and Aunt MN!
October was crazy busy so I'm hoping November is a little less stressful. I'm gearing up for a Holiday Trunk Show in a couple of weeks so I'll be trying to catch up on orders and get some new sample items done as well. I'll probably cut off new orders soon while I get caught up, so if you need turkey shirts for Thanksgiving, let me know ASAP. Happy November!


Shannon said...

Looking forward to seeing you at Kelly's in a couple of weeks!!

I just had to comment on the party...soooo cute! That table/bed is amazing, and the owls are fabulous. What a thoughtful party you planned!

emily said...

Your girls are too cute & you are so beautiful!! When are you going to start aging?!? Where did you get your tee so I can copy-- it looks comfy but still stylish ;) I LOVE Tatum's expression in the clown pic-- priceless!! love you!

Jere said...

Hey, Em! My ginormous glasses are hiding the crow's feet and laugh lines. My shirt came from Target. Good old Merona. We need to catch up!!

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