Birthday Girl

October is a big birthday month for us, and Tatum was first, celebrating the big FIVE! I won't wax nostalgic about how she is my baby, and how five is the age she will be when she starts school, and that I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, so I'll just say we had lots of fun enjoying this little person. She had a Hello Kitty party with lots of friends and family, went to Build-a-Bear to pick out a new bear (she had to get a bear "because it's called Build-a-Bear!") and eat at Rainforest Cafe, which she requested because last October her big sister got to eat there for her birthday and get the cool Volcano dessert. This little girl adds so much enthusiasm and humor to our lives and we're glad God gave her to us. We love you, Tatum Verbatim!

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