Baby Boy Set

Here's another new applique design I've added (available in upper or lower case).

Please note: Due to a large backlog of pending orders and the fact that October is crazy busy at our house (soccer, volleyball, piano, 2 birthday parties to organize and execute, 4th grade musical, Halloween) I need to extend my turnaround time on orders to 3-4 weeks. I know that's inconvenient and I hate to take so long, but my only other option is to suspend orders indefinitely until I'm caught up. I realize that probably eliminates Halloween items from being ready in time, but being a mom is my first (and favorite) job and I need to keep my family as my top priority. If I've already corresponded with you (or visited with you in Target!), your items will be ready when I promised, but new orders will take 3-4 weeks. Thanks so much for your understanding!

On a related note, has anyone ever attempted these before? Any helpful tips would be appreciated!

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