Wipes Cases

Just a couple of fun travel wipes cases and a paci clip.
I'm hunkered down sewing up a storm for Mother's Day and several large custom orders, so you may not hear from me again for a few days. If you've placed an order recently and I've corresponded with you, it's in the line-up and I promise I'll get it done. My craft room looks like an explosion has occurred, and I'm sure my poor husband wonders how anything productive happens in there. While I strive to keep the rest of my house picked up and in order, I prefer messiness and a little clutter in there so I don't have to worry about picking up after myself while I'm busy with an order. I've taken that permission a little too far this week, so I need to give myself a time-out and start sifting through the piles.
I hope to post some more products soon, and show you some new items I'm working on. I can't decide how to post some teacher gifts I have without any of our gift recipients seeing them (Danyelle, that means you!) so it may need to wait until the end of next week. Happy Friday!

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