Teacher Gifts and Saving the Planet

I decided to go "green" for our teacher gifts this year. Our family is trying to be a little more eco-conscious to make up for the bajillion plastic water bottles and Wal*Mart sacks we've contributed to the landfill in recent years. The reusable shopping bags are everywhere right now. I keep a few in my car to use instead of the plastic grocery sacks, and (when I remember) take them to carry my purchases in. ** Tip: they don't work well as library book bags. Trust me on this.

We love the reusable metal (aluminum?) water bottles. My big girls take theirs to school every day and I'm not finding empty disposable water bottles in their backpacks, lunchboxes, under their beds, etc. They do require handwashing, especially with the vinyl monogram, but it's not too painful.
Finally, the key fob wristlet is just a fun yet practical mom/teacher accessory to keep your keys handy when your arms are full.

Reusable water canister with vinyl monogram (available in black, pink, green and purple) - $10
Key fob wristlet (any ribbon color or pattern) - $6

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Sarah Cook said...

Just found your blog! If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, they have tons of these cute aluminum water bottles. Well, maybe, if other bloggers haven't wiped them out!

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