My Big Girls

Gentry - 1st day of 3rd grade
Gentry - last day of 3rd grade

Ava - 1st day of 4th grade

Ava - last day of 4th grade

Ava finished elementary school on Friday. She moves to 5th grade, which is intermediate school in our area. To say I'm proud of my oldest girl is an understatement. She has surpassed our expectations in every way since she was born. At the age of 2, she was playing with colored pencils and when I turned to see what she was doing, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I saw she had laid out the pencils to spell her name. Then she picked up a pen and wrote it. I hadn't taught her to do that. She read chapter books at 4, and ever since has had a voracious appetite for reading. She is brilliant, kind-hearted and honest to a fault. She loves learning and accepts any challenge with enthusiasm. Ava, I can't wait to see what God has in store for you in this next adventure! God bless you!

Gentry is my sweetheart. She is so tender-hearted and sensitive, and can't stand to see other people hurting. She is always seeking new ways to help others, whether donating her own money to help orphans in Ghana or giving up her birthday to raise funds for charity:water ( She also excels in the classroom and is a loyal friend. She enjoys the "best of both worlds" by being both an older and younger sister, and loves playing and spending time with Tatum, who adores her. She is looking forward to being Big Girl on Campus next year in 4th grade and also watching out for her kindergarten sister. We love you, Gentry, and know you will make a big difference in this world for God's kingdom!

I don't mean to paint a perfectly rosy picture of our family. We still disagree and my kids argue and whine. Don't even get me started on the chaos of our garage where they store their shoes and refuse to keep them in neat pairs so we have to frantically search for a match every time we leave the house (!). But each milestone they reach makes me wax nostalgic and appreciate their unique personalities and traits, and thank God for giving me my precious girls for a short time.

Welcome, Summer!!

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