A Special Canister

This one tugs at my heart. A good friend of mine told me about a little girl, Leah, in her son's 4th grade class. She has been battling cancer since the first week of 1st grade. She recently found out it has returned and she will need to start chemotherapy again. My sweet friend thought a canister would be a great way for her teachers and classmates to show their support for Leah as she goes through this difficult process again. They plan to fill the canister with handwritten notes of encouragement for her to read during her chemo sessions. I couldn't help but think of this precious little girl (the same age as my oldest) as I tied each ribbon, and imagine the canister filled with well wishes and heartfelt messages from her friends and supporters back at school. Please join me in praying for Leah as she begins this journey, and for her complete healing soon!

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