A Public Service Announcement

A tip: When you are deciding on the best arrangement for your bedroom furniture, it's wise to never place your dresser with your wedding pictures displayed on it underneath an upstairs bathroom, because when your child puts the plug in her sink, turns the faucet on and then gets distracted and leaves it running for several hours and water leaks through your ceiling causing it to collapse and destroy the carpeting and sheetrock below, you don't want those special photos to get wet. It makes you sad.


Chrys and Mike said...

Oh, friend. So sorry! We have been there. Our boys made a "soapy waterfall" in their upstairs bathroom late one night last April. By the time we realized it, there was water pouring through the ceiling, down our driveway and into the alley. We had to have the flooring removed in four rooms and honestly have still yet to finish all the repairs associated with that lovely incident. Ahhhhhhhh. Someday we'll laugh but it's been nearly a year and it's still not funny at all.


Jere said...

Okay, Chrys, you win. Yours was way worse, and makes for a much more interesting story than mine. Kids!!

mom2marbles said...

oh my goodness!! i am so sorry! that is awful.

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