Christmas Wrap-up

We've had an amazing Christmas holiday and hate to see our remaining play days dwindle before school starts again next week. The girls are enjoying sleeping late, staying up late and playing with their Christmas stash. The weeks leading up to Christmas involved visiting Santa at church, driving around looking at Christmas lights, shopping for each other separately (they each labored over their gifts for each other and picked out the perfect thing for each sister) and drinking LOTS of hot chocolate. The marshmallow canister was replenished several times.

Tye began the tradition several years ago of celebrating "The 12 Days of Christmas" with the girls by leaving a small gift in their stockings each day beginning 12 days before Christmas. They're usually funny, inexpensive items but sometimes they're a little more substantial. This year he was extra sneaky and left something in my stocking several of the days as well. It helps build the anticipation of Christmas Day, as well as provide him the opportunity to spoil all 4 of his girls.
The hot chocolate station

The girls' Christmas outfits this year were twirl skirts with coordinating shirts. They got lots of use (because honestly, since I slaved over them, they were going to get worn!) and they received many kind compliments. Since this may be the last year I can get away with matching all 3 of them, I tried to appreciate it even more.
Christmas morning came early (at 5:00 a.m. --ugh!) so we could join the rest of the family at my in-laws', and everyone had fun opening their gifts to each other. I LOVE Christmas through my childrens' eyes. We emphasize the true meaning of Christmas and downplay the gift-giving, but really, it warms my heart to see this kind of reaction:
I'm so glad we haven't outgrown dolls at our house yet. I gave them each a handmade doll from here. I couldn't help it - they're just too cute and needed a good home.
Gentry is always easy to please. She was thrilled with everything she received, even the items she didn't ask for and were a little more "practical" than fun. The sports enthusiast, she received roller blades, a volleyball/badminton set, golf club and an electric scooter. All 3 girls got Pillow Pets too. Did everyone else in the world receive Pillow Pets this year? They were everywhere!
My oldest child (aka bookworm) had a very literary-intensive gift pile, including a new study Bible and cover, a Nancy Drew book set, several brain teaser and joke books, a Barnes and Noble gift card and, appropriately, a tall bookshelf for her room.
This was the second year Tatum asked for (and received) a drumset from Santa. The last set didn't stand up well to all the enthusiastic drumming, so hopefully this one will be the last set Santa has to deliver.
I hope you all had a memorable Christmas. I'm anxious to get back into the swing of things again, especially since Santa brought The Chocolate Zebra a new addition! I'll be back soon with details.


mom2marbles said...

your girls are adorable!!!! glad you had a good christmas! you should be getting some pillow orders soon! everyone loved the ones you made and sending out your website to a few others who have already asked! thank you so much. my boys LOVE thier pillows too! :) Happy New Year!

Brandi said...

5 am??? ugh!!! Poor you! Yes, we got pillow pets too! So cute!! Love the girls' outfits!! Glad you all had a fabulous Christmas!!!

Mary Kay said...

Jere-It is always so fun to keep up with you through your blog! Your girls are adorable and I love their little skirts and tops! So cute!!! Yes, we gave our four grands Pillow Pets and they were a huge hit! It made me think of Pound Puppy days! :) Merry Christmas!!!

Jere said...

Sara, thanks for the referrals! Mary Kay, I'm so glad you found my little corner of blogland! We are now the proud owners of FIVE Pillow Pets. At least we don't have to feed them.

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