Minnie Shirts

No offense to Mickey, but we didn't need him this time around. We chose Minnie silhouettes for shirts to wear on our recent Disneyland trip.
These glitter sheets are very popular for applique now, and I think they add a fun pop of glam to Minnie's silhouette.
My 12-year-old turned up her nose at the big Minnie emblazoned across the front, so we opted for something a little more subtle. I like the simplicity of the smaller Minnie at pocket height.
 Also, when did my little girl grow up?!
Here we are at the gates of Disneyland, just before they opened. Lots of smiles and eager anticipation...
...and, this is about 6 hours later as the fun is waning and our feet are not having the time of their lives. We still stuck it out for another 4 or 5 hours, though. There were memories to be made.
On a side note, I purchased these shoes (in charcoal) specifically for all the walking we would be doing at Disneyland, and they were awesome! They have Memoryfoam in the soles, and I'm now thinking of adding Memoryfoam to all my shoes. It's sad that I'm buying shoes strictly for their therapeutic value, but I'm not ashamed to admit it.

We did DIY Disney manicures at the hotel the night before. This was Gentry's interpretation - polka dots with a Micky silhouette and a Minnie bow.
Some Mickey treats as a late afternoon pick-me-up.
We had a blast, but I've never been so exhausted. We were only at Disney for one day before we moved on down the road to Los Angeles, so we had to do and see everything. It was fun but SO. TIRED.

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