Boy Bib and Burp Sets

I haven't posted very much this week but I have been cranking out lots of new stuff, so hopefully I'll get them on here soon. The good news is that I have my bigger embroidery machine back from the repair shop. The bad news is that the problem it was having is a weakness with that model and it's not really fixable. Perfect. At least the technician shared my total frustration with it. As he was explaining the issue to me, his friend came up to the counter and said to me, "I heard words come out of his mouth while he was working on that machine I've never heard him say before. He was really upset." Now I feel responsible for the delinquency of the nice repairman too. I hope he and my machine never have to cross paths again.

It's the first day of Fall!! I plan to pull out my pumpkins and fall decor this weekend and decorate the house for my favorite season. I also hope to enjoy my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year. The eternal summer of 2011 is finally over.

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