Initial Onesies

After a very relaxing, yet productive spring break, I'm ready to start sewing again. I did get to sleep in, make some fun memories with my girls, paint one of the bedrooms (due to a color controversy we are on hold on the other one) and complete some projects for me. We're doing a complete makeover in my 2 older girls' rooms, so if I get brave, I'll post the "after" pictures when they're finished.

The weather is perfect today, and I hope to take some product pictures outdoors and post them later this afternoon.

A couple of initial onesies with the name monogrammed on the back. These are 0-3 month and are tiny! I could barely fit the names across them. I know my kids were this little once, but I just can't believe it.

Initial Onesie - $15.00


Brandi said...

way cute! You are so gifted!

Rachel Cox said...

Found your site off of Kelly's Korner... VERY cute stuff!! Your monogrammed things are awesome!

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